1-19-10 Kirkwood, CA - Big storm blows out skiing

The big Sierra storm of 2010 has dropped 2 feet of snow already here at Kirkwood. Sadly, however, the winds are throwing a monkey wrench into the mix. High winds caused the mountain to shut down at 1:00 yesterday afternoon and it doesn't appear it will open any time soon. The winds are howling with gusts up to 40 mph and the SKIFISH camper is rockin to and fro with the nonstop gusting.

Mountain safety crews have been working hard all morning and the concussions from the grenades and howitzers are echoing regularly throughout Kirkwood valley. It appears that Caltrans has kept Carson Spur and Carson pass open as of 9:00 am. This is great if you want to take a sight seeing cruise, but if you wanna ski Kirkwood today, I'm afraid it may not happen.

I met up briefly with Coop and Nate from the Kirkwood video team this morning . As always, they were smiling at the big snows, but of course, they weren't able to get up on the mountain to shoot this morning. Check out the for their standup video report this morning filmed in the plaza.

Pray for calm winds and deep powder!